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Week 4 – GM WTC/Toyota Ann Arbor – Andrew McElwee

Good Morning!!

This week was a pretty busy one, first and foremost last Friday I had an amazing opportunity to visit the WTC and work with Gus Cerku and Chris Fooy. Since I have mainly been working on hard dollar projects so far it was a lot to take in learning about the differences with PDPM. After my safety orientation, Chris walked me through what a typical day is like for a project engineer on a PDPM site. Then I got to see all the current projects that Ideal was completing at WTC. Which was a really cool and educational experience. I got to see indoor jobs, renovating and installing new offices and collaboration office areas. As well as excavation, pipe removable and laying. The excavation was for a future patio they were also going to start soon. But was awed me was how efficient and closely six labors, two excavators, and pipe layers could work without interfering with each other, it took almost perfect commutation. Then also talking with Gus and taking in everything I could for his years of experience. Thanks again Gus and Chris for having me at WTC.

Back on the Toyota site work continue once again starting the cafeteria renovation and finishing up the power-train expansion. Also a chance to visit the new project we’re starting at the Transmission Plant in Livonia, replacing lamp post and foundations.


The patio project, they’re excavating and replacing pipes.

The scaffolding under where they are replacing the iron for the skylight.

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