2018, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern, Milford Proving Grounds

Week 3- MPG Dynos- Manuel Roque

Hello everyone,

This week on the MPG dyno site, we will be turning in one of the testing cell: AC-6C. The completion will be done by the end of the working schedule. In the completion process of the cell. On Thursday, the cell’s gas sensors and emergencies systems were tested and completed. This process was good to observe, because each cell must pass the tests in ordered to be operational. The tests consisted of knowing if the gas detection sensors would trip. Meaning the cell’s emergency system would alert the operators and the GM’s security. Also, each gas test had specific requirements it had to alert, including what light indictors it had to display, if the horn had to sound, and if the breakers tripped.

I also got more knowledge on how GM compliance process is carried out. Also, my mentor gave me insight on the importance of understanding the submittal process of construction. Joe emphasized the impotence of how it can affect the job. It can affect the schedule greatly if not done correctly.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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