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Week 2 – GM WTC – Jacob Rhodes

Good morning everyone,

My second week here at Ideal has gone very well. My mentor, Dan Salkowski, has continued getting me integrated into his projects so that I can assist with them. This has involved training me on different responsibilities that I will be able to take over, as well going to meetings and site visits to get up to speed on the projects I will be working on.

Working here at the GM WTC has exposed me to a large variety of projects. In just the two weeks that I have been working here, I have been able to visit projects that include work on the underground steam and condensate distribution systems, excavations, renovations, demos, roof work, city water lines, and more. It has been great to see how Dan manages all of his projects and the importance of communication with the entire team involved in a project.

For the next two weeks, I will not be at work with Ideal. I have annual training with the Army National Guard, but I will be back at work June 18. I am looking forward to getting further involved in the projects here at the WTC and to visiting other sites to see what the other Build U interns are involved in. I hope everyone has a great week.



Jacob Rhodes


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