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Week 2- MPG Dynos- Manuel Roque

Good morning everyone. This week has been my first week at Milford Proving Grounds (MPG). My mentor for this summer is Joe Kersanty.

I am thankful to be part of Ideal’s internship program. This is my second internship. I was previously working at GM Arlington Assembly Plant in Texas working on PDPM, and steel projects in Dallas. At MPG I will be working on the hard dollar side of the industry. The project at MPG is unique, because the project will be turned in at the end of July. The project we have are Dynamometers. This is a phased project currently in phase II. During this week I walked around the Dynos, and got familiar with all the components involved in the project. The project has one major safety component that is critical to the completion of the job. There are gas lines that run on top of all the construction work down below.  The importance of the span gas lines are. One test cell was turned in out of four, and is currently being used. If any of the span gas lines are damaged it will affect all the testing inside the cells, because the pipes are made to specifications to conduct testing on the vehicles emissions. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the span gas lines are not hit or bumped into by lifts.

Also, next week I will enter the loop into GM’s compliance process to turn on/ run equipment. I am thrilled to be part of this team, and eager to learn more.

Thank you, hope everyone has a great weekend.

–Manuel Roque

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