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Week #10 Week #11 – PDPM – Adam Klebba


Due to some very busy past couple weeks and my vacation (which I enjoyed very much) I was slacking on my updated posts. Here is my redemption to make up for them.

Week 10 I spent most of my time at Milford Proving Grounds where I helped Terry and Tracy get jobs and on the right track. Specifically I helped Terry get building 31 ready for the demolition phase of the dino pits. Getting the job board ready, putting up proper barricades, and creating PTP’s took up a lot of our time. On Friday i was able to head down to the main office where us fellow interns helped set up and attend the GM Supplier of the Year event. We had a blast! Great food, great entertainment, and amazing speakers.

Week 11 was a very fun week. Even though I was on vacation for half of it. Other than working out in Milford, on Wednesday I attended a Intern site visit at the GM M-5 plant in Flint. It was awesome! We all went on a tour of the new body shop where we assembled the steel for. Along with other additions and buildings we are currently building. After the tour, we all met with the superintendent and he taught us all how to weld! I have never stick welded or torch cut before so this was a new experience for me. I never knew how hard it was, but hey they said i did pretty good. Maybe ill move from safety and into ironwork. I think I can handle it (cough,cough) . It was a great experience and thank you to Jack Welch, Chelsea Bejarano, Tony Poma, and Mark for letting us invade their job site. I will post some pictures below of me using the torch and getting taught how to weld!

Have a great day everyone!

Tony teaching me how to stick weld


Me using the torch to cut some iron

Don’t worry everyone, I made sure we were all safe

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