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Week #12 – Asset Sustainment Project – Miranda Zamora

This week I was able to learn more about the boiler’s devices we have here on site! The devices on the boiler 3 are all complete, the devices on boiler 2 will be complete on Friday, and devices for boiler 1 will all be complete late August. This project is coming along so well and there have been so many upgrades and changes to the project. I’m glad to be on this site and learn about all of the components that make up a boiler.

Because the 3 boilers are still having some other things being installed to them, they aren’t running yet. Instead the tech center is running on two original boilers. I went with Joe Hernandez (an Ideal mechanical engineer) to look and the two older boilers in the Steam Plant and there is a major upgrade since the plant first started. Since technology is so advanced now, instead of using six boilers to run the campus, it now only needs three.

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that I was able to make a placard for the Chiller Plant! I was able to get the placard approved on the first try and apparently that’s not likely to happen.

This week I was able to on the roof of the Steam Plant for the first time. The view up there was so amazing and there was so much to see up there! This week was filled with learning about new devices and installments and it was great exposure for my engineering studies.

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