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Week #9 – Asset Sustainment Project – Miranda Zamora

It’s only Tuesday and work is always busy here at the Tech Center. There’s been many schedules needed to be updated, punchlists, placards, G-Comply, and meetings to attend to. I’m looking forward to getting in touch with the mechanical engineer to learn more about piping systems in the Steam Plant. It’ll be a cumbersome learning experience because there are so many parts that make up the Steam Plant. It’s a good thing I love science! I hope to at least to know the very basics of how a piping system in the Steam Plant works. The Chiller Plant would have also been a great learning experience but because I’m spending more time in the Steam Plant and I know where the new pipes are installed, it just made sense to learn about what I was looking at everyday.

This week we also had a safety fall protection demonstration luncheon. The instructor was explaining how a good retractable and harness work and how to avoid an injury or possible death by being safely tied off if a person ever needs to go up some where in the air. His demonstration was pretty cool too. He had a 220 lb piece of metal hang on a retractable and then dropped it to show how the retractable could save a worker’s life.

I hope that everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!


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