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Week #8 – PDPM – Adam Klebba

Hello Everyone,

This has been a very busy and hectic week for those in the PDPM world. I have been working out in Milford and at the Warren Tech Center with the safety team trying to get all the jobs started and ready for the July 4th shutdown coming up. Constant PTP’s and LOI’s have been sent out and submitted in order to get everyone ready to go for the upcoming weekend. Lots of new companies and jobs so the safety teams have been slammed with orientations and approvals, but we always prevail! Even though it has been stressful for everyone, it has been a very good training and learning experience for all. We have been able to practice with the new GM safety conditions and FMEA format for PTP’s. We should be experts in no time!

I have spent majority of my time out in Milford helping out Tracy and Terry. Creating PTP’s, helping with orientations, and creating job boards has taken up most of our day. Along with visiting sites and making sure everyone is working hard and being safe! Another week and lots of things learned. You never know whats going to happen in the safety world.

Unfortunately their are phone restrictions at these sites and I have been unable to take any interesting pictures.


Adam Klebba   (Safery Intern)


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