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Week #7 – Asset Sustainment Project – Miranda Zamora

June 13, 2017

Early morning 7 a.m. walks are an interesting scavenger hunt. The Asset Sustainment Project is currently adding many new features to the Steam Plant. One of the projects I’m doing this summer is to look for new piping in the Steam Plant. I am given a floor plan for the upstairs, main floor, and basement of the Steam Plant. One of my jobs is to hunt down any new piping that has been done the previous day. If a new pipe is installed I color it in with a highlight/marker. It’s the ultimate adult coloring book and a scavenger hunt!

June 14, 2017

The Asset Sustainment Project had a meeting with all of the plant workers to discuss about rigging inspection. There was also coffee and donuts for the workers. They deserve a treat for how hard they work! The instructor spoke about nylon/polyester slings, and shackles. He showed us what to inspect so that there isn’t an accident while working. It was a good refresher for the plant workers and cool learning experience for me.

June 16, 2017

More concrete placement! Today we placed concrete in 3 different areas around the plant. I was given rubber boots to wear to get inside the “mud” as the guys were saying. The boots were 8 sizes bigger than my foot so I had a hard time walking in them. The guys in the field make it look so easy but it is so much hard work. I appreciate that they took some time out of their day to deal with me!

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