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Adam Klebba – The Life of a Safety Intern

I have had a blast since my start day in March! I have been to many of the job sites since then. I have been able to meet new people, and learn the different ways how safety is implemented into the everyday workday. Everyone has been very nice and helpful with teaching me the safety process and how to connect with the workers. In my earlier weeks I went through lots of training sessions and orientations in order to receive my OSHA 30 certification and badges for almost all of the sites. Since then I have been traveling around helping out with site safety supervisors and learning the ways of the safety trade. Everyday is different and with safety, you have to be ready for everything! Also have to be ready to drive….a lot!

I have been to many sites and was able to see lots of cool things. Here are some pictures showing some of the stuff I have helped with so far!

Here on top of the Mike Ilitch School of Business as Marshall Redder and I were inspecting roof barricading for the iron workers!
At the Asset Sustainment project help supervise a crane pick of a 80,000 pound boiler. The safety crew and I helped put up barricading and signage to keep fellow workers and civilians out of potential harms way.
Getting exposed to safety paperwork for the first time
Safety lunch in at Asset Sustainment while representatives from Honeywell Miller harness talk about proper fall protection and harness inspection.


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