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Week #7 – Yard – Grant Spears

My Seventh week at Ideal Contracting’s Yard was another valuable week of learning and hard work. Monday started with some new types of work. In the morning I was put in charge of empting one of the boxes that had come back from one of the job sites. I got to see what the process of checking things back into the yard and making sure everything gets put back where it belongs. Later in that day I helped put together an order that was going out to Romulus, then I got to go for another ride to help make the delivery. Later in the week I was sent down to Cadillac Gardens to help the GDYT interns setup for the Garden Party that happened on Thursday, I did some power washing and taught one of them how to power wash. Thursday morning was a bit interesting. After the huge storm that had come through the night before the gardens had flooded. The GDYT interns had come through earlier in the morning, while I was still running the floor scrubber, and they had taken a Shop-Vac to try and get up some of the water. They came back saying it wasn’t working about 45 minutes later, so I went down with two additional Shop-Vacs. After having very little success with the Shop-Vacs I came back down to ask Dave if there was anything else we could use, at which point we took two pumps down to the gardens. These pumps would end up doing the trick, and the water was gone by time the event started. Friday the Build U interns met to do practice presentations. Overall I had a very interesting week, and I learned quite a bit.

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