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Flint Job Site Visit – Tony Saucedo

General Motors M-5 Flint Assembly is a historic American site. It opened in 1947 and has proudly manufactured millions of cars for costumers to ride and enjoy all throughout the world. Today, the plant continues to build these big products including the Chevy Silverado heavy duty, GMC Sierra heavy duty, and the Chevy Silverado light duty. Ideal Contracting’s scope of work includes erecting 7,000 tons of structural steel for a new, one-million square foot, state of the art body shop addition. This building will include a 3,000 foot long body conveyor that will connect this new body shop to the General Assembly. This complete steel package also includes placing miscellaneous steel in and around the new body shop. Once all the interns settled in to Ideal’s offices at the site, safety representative Jack and fellow BuildU intern Chelsey led the tour of our work at the site. After the detailed tour, we met Tony, a superintendent on the site, where we learned how to cut and weld a slab of steel. It was the first time welding for many including myself. Mark then treated us to some delicious Five Guys burgers. Overall this was one of the coolest sites we interns visited. I owe a big thank you to Mark, Chelsea, Tony, and Jack for the invitation and informative tour. I look forward to returning to this historic site in the future.




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