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Week 11-WTC-Mike Orosey

Another eventful week interning with Ideal Contracting.  The past few weeks I have been documenting progress on a few projects at the WTC with the new 360 degree camera that I have acquired this summer.  This is an unbelievable tool to track the progress of on going construction restoration and I look forward to presenting this amazing visual progress at our next progress meeting in front of the GM reps, architects, and subcontractors. Special thanks to Loren Venegas and Linzie Venegas for giving me and the rest of the team at the WTC such an amazing tool that can be extremely beneficial within construction.  On Tuesday, I had the privilege of giving a site visit tour to some folks at Barton Malow who are part of the VDC team.  Two full time Barton Malow employees and three interns from the VDC department came out to see what life is like at the WTC.  It was a great opportunity to give these folks a tour of the WTC, which has been my home this summer.  Also, it was great to show them how the PDPM process works and how different some of our projects are compared to what they are generally involved with.

The photo above shows me walking through a quick safety orientation with our Barton Malow visitors before they could go on site.  Safety first!

The photo above shows the extensive formwork installation at VEC mockup.  It was great to explain to our visitors how the underground ductwork will be placed within this formwork.  Our workers at Ideal Contracting have really been getting after it this summer.  Great work guys!

The photo above shows our visitors at Barton Malow checking out progress at the 7000 lobby restoration taking place.  The installation of tile at this site went down later in the week and is just about finished.  Things are really starting to come together at all the lobby restoration sites.

Furthermore, on Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the VDC-U event at Barton Malow’s headquarters in Southfield.  This was an organized event with several different training courses and orientations geared to getting people integrated with technology that is used widely over at Barton Malow with their large scale projects.  I received valuable practice and learning into 3-D modeling navigation, BIM, 4-D scheduling, 3-D site logistics, and modeling of existing structures.  I truly believe that it is crucial to start getting acclimated with this technology because this is the future of construction.  My career in construction has just started and I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to learn from some talented people at the VDC department.

The photo above shows me locking in to one of the beginning training orientations that I received during the VDC-U.

The photo above shows some training I received into 3-D modeling navigation during the VDC-U event.

This photo above was during a beginning orientation into how mobile technology can be integrated into the field.  The goal is to have employees at all levels within the company, whether your in the field or in the office, everyone should have knowledge into using technology to document construction activities.

Special thanks to everyone at Ideal Contracting and Barton Malow for expanding my horizon of knowledge this week.  I am continuing to learn valuable insight into the construction industry and look forward to another week with my family out at the WTC.  Until next week!

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