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Week 9 – DEEC/Vulcraft – Dylan Yore

*MARKETING TAKE NOTE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ARTWORK.* Pictured is the rebar set up for our revolving door foundation on BLDG C with an Ideal Contracting piece mark stamped in the corner. Take pride in your work and you will always be happy!


Another view of our cage before formwork was constructed.


We were required to maintain a radius of 48″ along the whole edge of the foundation. This can be checked by pulling your measuring tape from our nail in the center, pulling your tape out to the inner edge of the form, and following along the formwork. It should be consistently 48″ in our case.




Forms stripped, happy customer!


“Stairway to Heaven” – Pictured is a ship ladder in Area F that spans from the tension grid to the roof opening. I liked this photo because of the light peeking through the opening.


One problem with a project of this scale I have noticed is the lack of consideration from other trades/companies. Pictures is a gate in a stair core that has been ripped off of a hinge. Majority of my punch list duties entail assessing and coordinating items like this that have been damaged. This week I was in charge of ordering quite a bit of steel for handrail extensions and broken steel like this. Scenarios like this are frustrating but allow us to assess situations and learn what we can do next time to curb this from happening next time.



North entry of the parking garage. As days go by we continue to chase site lighting around campus. In this instance we are repairing conduit runs that were damaged by another outfit that had to dig in this area after we were demobilized from.


Here is the Precast Double-T that I spoke of in an earlier blog post. It turned out very well. A little bit of grinding and we should be finished!


Vulcraft Tour – It was an awesome learning experience having the opportunity to tour Nucor Vulcraft’s St. Joe facilities. Witnessing the day-to-day operations of a powerhouse company that cares so much about their employees is always a great learning experience. I was amazed by the comradery between the lines and the technology implemented to ensure the most efficient and reliable process possible. I was very surprised on how stupid simple the metal decking side of spectrum went. I couldn’t think of a better way to end a very informational tour other than sitting down with the executives and learning about  their roles in the company like we did. Thank you Mark for coordinating such a great opportunity for us all!

I hope everyone stays safe and continues to learn!

– Dylan


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