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Week (9-10)-WTC-Mike Orosey

My ninth week at Ideal Contracting was a shorter week because of the July 4th shut down that took place at the WTC.  I still accomplished a lot of tasks in this short week that were beneficial towards my progression within the construction industry.  Towards the end of the week I finished a virtual walk through of a demolition job that Ideal Contracting will be heading at 1st floor Facilities Operations.  This virtual walk through was possible with the help of a newly acquired camera I have been using and I will also be integrating this technology into my final presentation at the end of the summer.  This camera I have been using has the capability to capture a 360 degree view photo in just one shot.  There are many ways of integrating this technology into construction.  Please see the attached linked below of my virtual walkthrough that shows the capabilities of the 360 degree camera and the use of a program called Holobuilder.  If you decide to click on the tour below, make sure you use your cursor to navigate each scene to view the 360 degree feature of each photo!


Furthermore, I was also tasked with the take off with regards to this demo project at Facility Operations.  It was extremely helpful having my virtual tour that I created so I could reference that during my take off task.  I needed to count all the doors, square footage of drywall and masonry walls, square footage of floor, square footage of existing glass, lineal feet of counter top, and square footage of ceiling.  This was a great learning opportunity in estimating potential costs for a project.  Also, on Friday I went to see the curb poured at VEC mockup, which was great see because this has been a project that I have been highly involved with this summer.

Moving on, my tenth week with Ideal Contracting was an eventful week.  The week consisted of several site visits to the jobs that I have been involved with this summer and are currently in progress.

During a visit to the VEC 2nd floor, I had the opportunity to go see the finished installation of a window film that was installed in the main conference room on this floor.  Unfortunately, we have discovered that the window film has some appearance flaws and we are coordinating with our subcontractor to get this problem fixed.  Please see the video above to see how this window film works.

I also got to go see a pour of concrete aggregate base at the 7000 building that will serve base for the new tile that will be installed at this building.  Ideal Contracting was using a laser reader to precisely pour at the correct depth in order for an appropriate base to serve the tile that will be later installed.  The photo below was taken during the pour.

Furthermore, the highlight of my week was most definitely going to the Nucor/Vulcraft steel plant in Indiana.


It was amazing seeing how the raw materials of steel are constructed into roof joists and decking.  Vulcraft is a division of Nucor and they are one of biggest steel manufacturers in the North America.  I was most impressed with the workers that are tasked with welding and inspecting each structural member.  These guys are extremely talented and it was a privilege to see the workers in action.  I was also impressed with the fact that the workers at this plant are paid on a performance bonus incentive.  Therefore, the team work and coordination that is involved on a daily basis and how many structural members the team can do per day directly affects their pay.  Special thanks to Mark McCrindle and the rest of the Vulcraft team for taking time out of their day to show us interns what steel manufacturing is all about.

Please see some of the photos below taken during this amazing tour.


Lastly, at the end of the week I had the opportunity to give some of the other interns a tour of the WTC.  It was great to show them some things I have learned this summer as well as some of the past and present construction that Ideal Contracting has been apart of.

The photo above shows one of the other interns, Adam Klebba testing out some technology that can potentially be integrated in construction.

Thanks again to everyone at Ideal Contracting for another great week!





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