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WTC PDPM Site Visit – Tony Saucedo

After visiting Miranda in the hard dollar trailer, I spent the afternoon visiting my colleague Mike Orosey over at the PDPM trailer. The PDPM job site at WTC used to be my second home, so it was really nice to be back with some of my old pals. WTC overall is a crazy sight – in a good way. People describe the work there as “organized chaos” because of how busy it gets. Once I arrived at their trailer, Mike, Kellie, Adam, Sabrina and I received a small tour of the tech center. We saw a lot of ongoing and finished Ideal Contracting work, which included the installment of a vehicle testing chamber, completed sidewalk and parking lots, re-barring and excavation work, executive office renovations, and so much more. Being the intern there, Mike knew a lot about the site and existing Ideal projects. I look forward to visiting this site again soon. Special thanks to Mike for conducting the tour!

I am not allowed to post pictures of Ideal Contracting’s PDPM work per General Motors’ policy, so here is a picture of Spartan Mike and I earlier this summer. Good guy but – Go Blue!

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