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Week 10 – Toyota – Steven Sinn

Week 10 has been full of new experiences, first being able to travel Vulcraft’s Joist and Metal deck fabrication plant. The visit was an interesting experience in the way that I have never seen a labor force work so well together. Every motion that they had executed on the line was in in unison. The entire plant was a great example of efficiency. Helping enforce the efficiency was the means of pay. Each crew has the opportunity to control their pay simply with good production. The difference in pay for there rate of production was just over doubling their pay. Meeting the people at Vulcraft was another experience in itself, everyone there was very inviting, from office to the shop everyone was super nice. I would like to thank Chelsea and Mark for setting up a great trip, and I look forward to visiting there site up at Flint.

This week at a Toyota Derek and I have been cracking down of my presentation, Derek has been showing me some of the intricacies of Managing Risk Via labor tracking, Material Tracking, and Equipment Tracking. I have gained quite a bit of information for my topic from Derek’s knowledge and experience with risk management. Many of the things we go over directly correlate to the job site that we are on. Mainly the reason is because of all the work Ideal is self preforming.

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