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Week 8-WTC-Mike Orosey

During week 8 of my summer internship with Ideal Contracting, I have once again received new exposure into construction that has given me a better understanding of tasks that are involved on a daily basis with regards to this business. At the beginning of the week I visited a few of the sites I have been involved with this summer.  It’s amazing seeing the progress that takes place on a weekly basis on these sites.  The photo shown below shows the completed welded reinforcement that took place on a column at the VEC mock up lobby construction.  This repaired column will later be encapsulated in concrete.

Early in the week I had the opportunity to get some layout exposure before a pre bid walk through at the PPO south wall water leak repair project.  Ideal Contracting will be cutting wall door openings within the south wall in between existing columns at strategic locations in order to pass a confined space requirement.  During the layout task, I measured from the middle of each column to where the door opening cut would start and then measured the width of each door per the dimensions laid out on the plans that were created by HRC.  These door openings that I marked will give a better visual aid to everyone that will be invited to the pre bid walk through for this particular job.  This was a great learning experience in layout procedures that sometimes need to taken in order to achieve job clarity for potential projects.

The photo above shows me measuring where the door wall openings will be placed at the PPO South wall water leak project.

This photo shows the pre bid walk through that took place at the PPO South wall water leak project.


Furthermore, during the week I was tasked in writing several DCR’s with regards to jobs I have been involved with this summer.  I always enjoy the opportunity to write DCR’s because these tasks generally give me a better understanding of the jobs as a whole and help me wrap my head around how things are fixed and constructed.  Also, writing DCR’s gives me practice in reading the plans so I can reference the location of the problem with descriptive writing, as well as linking visual aids to describe the problems that may be presented.  Some of the DCR’s that I had to write were as follows:  a column repair at the 7000 building, removal and replacement of additional VAV boxes at the 7000 building, structural support details with regards to installation of a projector/screen at the VEC mock up lobby construction, and clarification on the steel track and frame that will support installation of a folding partition wall at the VEC mock up lobby construction.  In addition, I had to write DCR’s with regards to underground power and data conduit that will be run for operation of the projector at the VEC lobby construction, a proposal for a new temporary door at the 7000 building so the revolving doors can installed in one phase in order to accommodate the floor tile pattern that will be installed, clarification on the depth of a concrete aggregate fill that will be placed above the existing concrete floor slab at the 7000 building and finally a proposal to install water stop in between underground basement wall penetrations in order to achieve a water tight seal around the underground duct work that will be installed at the VEC mock up lobby construction.  Lastly, the end of week concluded with a trip to the Barton Malow headquarters in Southfield with my supervisor, Gus Cerku.

The photo shown above was taken of the VDC wing at the Barton Malow office in Southfield.


The reason for this trip was to get some insight in technology that is currently being integrated in construction and Barton Malow is a leader in using this technology for projects all over the country.  This was a great experience because my end of the year presentation will be based on up and coming technology integration in the construction industry.

Special thanks to Jennifer Younes and Ted Jennnings from Barton Malow for giving Gus Cerku and myself great insight into how technology is being integrated in construction on a daily basis.  The photo above shows some training that we received from Jennifer and Ted at the Barton Malow office in Southfield.

During my visit at the Barton Malow office in headquarters in Southfield, I had the opportunity to meet the president of Barton Malow, Ryan Maibach and the chairman/CEO of Barton Malow, Ben Maibach.  This was a great opportunity to meet two influential people who have played a major role in the development of one of the largest construction firms in the United States.

The photo above shows me with Ryan Maibach of Barton Malow.

The photo above shows me with Ben Maibach of Barton Malow.


The photo above shows one of the coffee makers at the BM office in Southfield.  This machine is unbelievable and can make about any type of coffee or hot drink that you could imagine.

The photo above was taken with me sitting in the main conference room at the BM office in Southfield.


After the tour of the BM office in Southfield, Gus Cerku and myself brought back some technology that really amazed some employees at Ideal Contracting.  This photo above shows one of the project managers, Joe Welmers, testing out some gear that can be applicable with construction technology.

This was a great week and I am looking forward to opportunities and challenges that I will encounter next week!


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