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Week 7 – DEEC – Dylan Yore

Blaze Contracting’s Trench Box. Trench boxes are uses to prevent workers from being buried if a trench caves in.


Blaze’s 336 CAT excavator opening up a hole to live tap a combined sanitary/storm sewer line. Lou’s truck drivers back down Sprout street and their lead is full in about five minutes. its fascinating watching how swiftly a veteran operator can maneuver a big machine in tight quarters.
Stairs for the Arena Outbuildings being delivered from 2525 Clark St. to Ideal onsite.
Toe boards down at the top of a stairwell by the inner bowl. All three toe boards were knocked down on this rail. I was walking with our Superintendent when we noticed this. I took photos and texted them over to BMHW’s safety personnel onsite. We all have the power to speak up and call out someone or something if the working conditions could be improved.
New RFI. When walking the site last week Mark Fox and I noticed that the overhead door frame steel had stopped 2′-1″ short from its designed length. I wrote up an RFI last week calling this out, thus putting our rework in action to take care of this mishap. It turns out Field Measurements along the way had a slight hiccup and the fabricator received the wrong dimensions.
Punch list. BM’s concrete crew hadn’t returned to strip forms on top of a slab we placed a while back on top of the cooling tower. These forms were holding back Dixon from erecting a CMU mechanical shaft. I was in charge of coordinating the field manpower to strip these forms and then field measure and send dimensions to a fabricator to fab the flat plate and angle iron needed to tie the CMU wall into the existing precast T.


Week 7 will be unforgettable. Site was shut down Wednesday due to the fatality. It was a learning experience quite honestly. Putting that aside, week 7 was very busy. I was definitely tested by my peers here in the trailer. I took on my daily activities along with writing new RFI’s on the fly, field measuring quite a bit, coordinating a crew to perform work in the parking garage and much more. I was all over the place but grew a ton. Being tested like this may be frustrating in the moment, but it was all a building block that I am pleased to overcome. I was searching for drawings on a computer that wasn’t cooperating. I was comparing field and office drawings looking for details that were lost along the way. It was just one thing after another. But, when things start piecing themselves together, it is a great feeling. I will continue to absorb knowledge from my peers and soak in information by watching work in the field. Have a great week everyone!

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