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Week #2 – Yard – Grant Spears

Week two of my internship with Ideal was a lot of hard work. Dave was on vacation this week, so most of my work was hands on stuff out in the yard itself. I did some painting around the yard, like the floor and walls around the garage door, and the yellow in front of the main entrance to building C. I also got to work inside the yard itself, learning where quite a number of things go and getting a taste of what comes in and out of the yard on a general week to week basis. I also did a bit of work in the office later in the week, printing invoices and checking over the gas logs kept for Ideal’s Vehicle Fleet this month. I finished out the week with a bit of work along the fence with Raymond, another student around my age working for Ideal, where we tried to get up many of the weeds and other assorted plants that had been growing along the fence. My week ended with a half-day on Friday. Week two offered some more insight and learning in aspects of maintaining and operating the yard itself, but it was still good experience and fulfilling work.

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