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Week #8 – MPG – Milkey

Another great week out here at MPG! The weather has been very nice the past few days, this is giving great working conditions for the people out in the field and is giving the people in the office a nice place to take a break out side and enjoy the weather.

The Hawaiian shirt saga continues. The quests to acquire such shirts took a turn on Wednesday as I discovered a comment on one of my previous quotes from Paul B. suggesting a high-viz Hawaiian shirt…. I pondered the idea for quite some time as this would make it safety efficient for the men and women out in the field to wear, but I have yet to see a high-viz Hawaiian shirt in my travels so this may be a difficult task. There must be another option out there that would look just spectacular with the Ideal logo embroidered on it. I am really hoping that one day Frank himself has a Hawaiian shirt on his desk and he is sporting it around on a Friday afternoon!   Rumors are going around that a trend is beginning to start here at MPG…Keep tuned in… There will be updates next week I am sure!

On Thursday my mentor John and I did a lot of traveling, we started the morning out forecasting. We sat down with Julie and reviewed the hard dollar jobs we are running. We took a look at the numbers seeing whether we are projected to lose money, make money, or close out jobs completely. We were able to close a couple jobs out and give her $10,000 off one of our jobs. Quite successful if you ask me! After forecasting, we traveled to our main office. Had a bagel in the yard where we walked around talking with everyone and getting the latest scoop on “yard business”. Then off to the main office! We stopped by many cubicles and offices to say hello and bring stories from the field to the office. It was nice to see the collaboration between all areas within Ideal contracting. Being out at MPG for most of the time it is nice going into the office and seeing people you may not see all the time or know, yet everyone has a smile on their face and is always delighted to see you. It is kind of a nice feeling and really brings together that “family style” of a company, something that is very nice to see and be apart of.   After the main office, we ventured down to Brownstown to check up on another one of our jobs. This is where the Chevy Volt batteries are made. The project is creating a new assembly line for battery production. The site is running very smoothly and is right on track for completion. While meeting with the GM manager he informed us that their may be a phase 2 coming down the pipeline! This is great news as we continue to grow and strengthen the PDPM process across many different divisions of GM.

I would like to end this post with a little shout out to the people in the field here at MPG. They are hard working men and women who truly are the backbone of the company. Many of them will be working through the holiday weekend to ensure jobs get started and completed in a timely manner over shut down. Thank you for all you are doing out here at MPG for Ideal Contracting.

I wish all of you, and your families a fun and safe 4th of July!

Until next week,


Andrew Milkey





(Because of GM Milford Proving Grounds strict no photo policy, it is very unlikely there will be attached photos. They are so strict that they have a special tape which covers your camera and it is checked when you exit to make sure it was never removed! With that being said, I will try to keep the text as entertaining and exciting as I can!)

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