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Week 9 – Toyota – Steven Sinn

This week out at Toyota has been a busy one, lately there has been a multitude of little projects. Most of these projects as you could say are finishing touches  on the job. Doug Card our civil foreman and his crew have been prepping for the final layers of asphalt that house vehicles from all around the facility. One of areas is a parking lot that holds all of the test cars under a canopy. The asphalt that the cars park on , is a special type of previous pavement. The pavement is made up of the same material as your typical asphalt but it has a special rock in it to act as a selectively permeable screen. The pavement allows water to drain 5 gallons a minute, per square foot. The water then drains to a storm tech system, that channels the water back to a retention pond that feeds the irrigation system for the whole facility. Also this week the Iron workers that are on site were able to put a touch of three ideal group companies on the building. When Toyota brought to our attention that they would like to install a crossover stair for the cooling tower we immediately went to Ideal Steel. When Ideal Steel gave us the design for the stairs they had incorporated some Yellow Ideal Shield HRK hand rail. Thanks to the good design and the easy install handrail the stairs took no time for the Ideal iron workers to erect the stairs. See attached pictures for the pavement and the crossover stairs.

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