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Week 4- MPG/Crowne Plaza- Caleb Mitchum

My fourth week at Ideal came to a close last Friday and the BuildU program has continued to enhance my knowledge within the construction industry. Earlier that week I was able to walk the Crowne Plaza Detroit pool deck where Ideal will be self-performing a concrete installation. I’ve been assigned as the engineer on this smaller scale project and it’s been a great learning experience so far. This is a quick three-week project, but there has been significant preparation for me to handle. Demo for this project has been occurring last week and the formwork and resteel will begin this week.

The building 16 project at MPG is finishing up Phase 2 and getting ready for July shutdown. I have been submitting the final DCR’s for this phase and have been helping with the closeout process. The space that was torn up when I first started here at MPG is starting to look like a brand new renovated office space. All of the carpet has been installed and the ceiling grid tiles are getting finished. Attached are a few pictures from Phase 2 of the MPG Building 16 Mezzanine Office Renovation:




My mentor James has given me another opportunity to get the ball rolling on a new project that Ideal has bid and won here at MPG. Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to sit in on the kick-off meeting for the Building 31 Phase 2 Dyno project. The meeting was very informative and I was able to see how these kind of meetings operate. I am especially excited for this project because the team will be using BIM 360 to create 3D models of the building. I decided to present on Building Information Modeling and virtual reality used in the construction industry for my BuildU presentation topic, so this project will enable me to receive first-hand experience with BIM/3D modeling.

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