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Week #1 – Yard – Grant Spears

Week one of my internship with Ideal’s Build U program has been quite the experience. I was very quickly welcomed into the Yard Office at Ideal Contracting, and put to work soon after. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am still a minor, I am not allowed to operate heavy machinery while working in the Yard, but there were still plenty of tasks and chances to learn during the week. My first day at Ideal was mostly filling out paperwork and taking a tour of the yard in the afternoon. Days two and three saw me sitting with Dave Miller and having a lot of the general business aspects of a construction company explained to me, from bidding to budgeting a job. I was very interested in this aspect of Ideal, and I am hoping to get more of a feel for it when Dave gets back from his vacation. Days 4 and 5 were when I really got put to work in the yard, doing lots of general maintenance work around the yard, from preparing an area to be painted by power spraying to spraying weeds around the buildings. Also, as it turns out, using a floor scrubber can be a really fun ending to a week. All in all I have really enjoyed my first week at Ideal, and I am looking forward to the rest of the summer, and to all of the things I will learn in that time.

(Sorry about the lack of pictures, my phone’s camera wasn’t working at the time)

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