2017, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Weeks 5-6 – DEEC – Dylan Yore

Weeks five and six have been eventful as the arena changes by the minute. I have been staying busy with tons of work between the office and the field. I have been updating PCO logs, submitting time, entering Daily activity reports, and so much more. On top of all of these task I am heading the punch list for Ideal items. This has been keeping me jam packed walking the areas in the field and coordinating with Superintendents to get the tasks at hand buttoned up for BMHW.

Picture below is a concrete placement that took place today. This finisher is buttoning up the gas alcove near the SW Canopy (That Ideal installed)



On the north and south end of the parking garage concrete needed to be placed to finish off the bases of the canopy and entrance ways.

Along Henry St. a number of out light pole bases were to be placed on top of live utilities. To avoid disruption of the hot items, a news design was created. The first photo illustrates the added two piers and the horizontal grade beam that was to be formed and placed under the typical pole base.


I highly recommend taking time to watch other companies and their trades men and women if they are in your vicinity. This morning I set aside about a half an hour to speak with a foreman from Blaze and Iafrate to learn about what they were doing. They were working along side a Badger Daylighting truck uncovering underground utilities safely to finish their pipe laying.  In the photo above, the man in the orange is holding a wand that shoots water at VERY high pressure. the giant “elephant trunk” next to him is connected to the vactruck. It sucks loose dirt and water up as he excavates with the wand. It was funny listening to him talk about his wand and elephant trunk.

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