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Week 6 – Pontiac – Clay Kurkechian

It was a slow week in the office so I was able to get out in the field more and take a look at all of the jobs we have going on right now. On Wednesday, Chris Fooy and I went on site and walked around for a couple of hours and talked to some subs about what they do and how they do it. One of the jobs listed below, the “Deming Project”, is starting to wrap up and should be finished up here by shutdown. This project was a conversion from conference/training room to office space. We added a few walls for private offices, painted the walls, took out the old lights and implemented more energy efficient lights, added a break room, along with many other things.

Deming Room Panorama

Our next stop was outside. Ideal demoed a staircase on the West side of Building A where we are going to end up pouring a newer (less cracked) staircase. Barton Malow had a guy working on forming up the stairs on Wednesday and preparing for a pour today, which ultimately got delayed until tomorrow due to heavy rains that came through. I think Gus should get out here and show em how its done! The large concrete blocks shown are acting as a support to the formwork as there will eventually be approximately 33,00lbs of concrete poured in the area.


More to come in the following weeks!

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