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Week #5 – Pontiac – Clay Kurkechian

Last week was a busy one. With the July shutdown coming, GM has been throwing jobs at us left and right so it’s been quite the task to keep up. I’ve learned a lot this week and cranked out a ton of work to help out some of the other project engineers with their jobs. In return, Joe gave me two of my own projects to see through from start to finish which will be super exciting. The first of which is an install of an overhead rapid roll up door and the second being the removal and replacement of windows on the south side of Powertrain North building C. I walked the jobs with the owner on Friday 6/16 and got an idea of the work that he wanted done and the time frame in which the work should be completed. Today, Monday 6/19, I brought the subs out and we walked the jobs for the first half of the morning. I’m currently waiting on quotes from the subs and should have my quote put together and ready to send to the owner by the end of the week.

I’m super excited to get my own jobs and I hope there are many more to come in the future. It brings everything full circle to finally see the process from start to finish. More updates to come!

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