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Week 3-MPG/Ghafari/Crowne Plaza-Caleb Mitchum

Friday wrapped up my third week at Milford Proving Grounds. The Building 16 project is moving along and phase 2 is coming to a close. I’ve been getting in touch with sub-contractors and dealing with documents to help close out phase 2. Earlier this week, MPG had their safety lunch under the pavilion. Andrew and I provided the grilling service for the GM employees, sub-contractors, and our Ideal team. The safety lunch was a success and you can view some of the pictures from that day under Andrew Milky’s week 6 blog post. Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Ghafari office renovation project. This is another project my mentor James Robinson is managing. I visited the Ghafari project on my first day at Ideal and it was great to see the progress they’ve made. I was also able to check out the roof at Ghafari that is being done. Attached are some photos from my visit:


In the picture, the roofers are using a  PVC membrane material for the roof. It is attached by using special electric induction welding technology. This is done without penetrating the roof material.

 Later that day I had the opportunity to attend a design-build meeting with James, Dan, and Rob for an upcoming bid Ideal is working on regarding a potential MPG project. This meeting was very informative, especially with the knowledge these guys have in the industry, and I was able to see the parts that go into the pre-construction process in action. This is just one of the many examples of first-hand experience I’ve been grateful to receive from the BuildU internship program at Ideal.

Today I was able to sit in on a meeting with Ideal and the Crowne Plaza Hotel as Ideal is starting a concrete installation project on the pool deck of the hotel. Ideal will be self-performing this concrete installation and James has given me the opportunity to help get the ball rolling on this project. Preparation has included getting in touch with waterproofing, rebar, site survey and traffic management companies as well as arranging the necessary documents. Attached is a photo from the pool level where the construction will be done:


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