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My third week with Ideal Contracting was once again an eventful week. The week begun with a scheduling meeting with regards to the VEC executive deck parking garage at the WTC. Ideal Contracting is providing a strict schedule for this project because it has taken place in phases. Concrete repairs must be made before the water proofing of the upper parking deck can be completed. Ideal, GM reps, and subs have also been planning ahead for the July 4th shutdown at the WTC and confirming that work will still be on schedule. Later on Monday, I had a walk through with regards to a pipe leakage at the PPO North Phosphate room. The photos shown below depict my walk through investigation of this pipe leak.




During this walk through, the Ideal team also went and investigated an issue at the PPO body shop south wall, where there is significant wall water leak between the two walls due to a drainage problem. Ideal Contracting is proposing on drilling weep holes in the nearest south wall and installing a new drainage pipe on top of the existing flooded concrete. Instead of saw cutting the existing concrete slab, Ideal Contracting will install a new drain pipe with filter fabric and place pea gravel on top. Once this is done, Ideal will then pour a new concrete slab over the pea gravel encasing the pipe. One issue is that the distance between these two walls is very tight, so Ideal will make necessary wall cuts and make temporary doors in between the columns along the exterior of the south wall in order to pass a confined space requirement. The photo shown above was taken during this basement investigation.

On Tuesday I worked on submittals for product specs with regards to the upcoming projects on the 7000 building, Health and Safety, Man B, and VEC mockup. Also, I had to retrieve the as built drawings concerning electrical, mechanical, and fire suppression for the site ops 2nd floor renovation. On Wednesday, I was able to go on site and get my first exposure to a concrete pour for a temporary sidewalk that will direct traffic into and out of the 7000 building while construction renovation will be taking place in the lobby of this building. This was a great experience to go out with Ideal’s impressive workers that perform the work itself. I enjoyed this hands on experience with spreading concrete and hope to go out more throughout the summer and learn from Ideal’s talented workers in the trades.







On Thursday, I had to breakdown the man power hours in a monthly arrangement with regards to Ideal’s hours and the subs who performed work on the VEC 2nd floor project and the VEC red basement project. The rest of the week I had to finish the filing process for jobs that have been completed and jobs that are in the bidding process as well as the projects that are currently waiting on a PO. Lastly, on Friday I was fortunate enough to go on a tour and walk through with Erin Wolfe with regards to the atrium project that is taken place at the design building. This was a great experience to see another project that Ideal is currently working on as well as the technology that makes GM so innovative. I was also able to see where the engineering building flooded and how much work had to be done to restore the building and damaged equipment. This has yet again been another great week learning from the Ideal team.









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