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In my second week with Ideal Contracting, I was exposed to new training and tasks involved with construction on a daily basis. The ideal team has been preparing for new construction on several different locations on the WTC campus. During the week I was able to sit in on several different meetings regarding lobby restoration that is going to take place with regards to the 7000 building, Health and Safety building, Manufacturing ‘B’ building, and VEC Mockup. Throughout the week, I was studying the plans regarding construction restoration for these sites and being able to familiarize everything with these plans. These will be the major projects that I will be a part of this summer with Ideal Contracting. Furthermore, I also started using the Bluebeam software, which will be crucial in helping with estimating, assisting in take-off, viewing plans, and writing DCR’s. This software is a highly used tool in the construction industry and will be part of my daily routine. In addition, I had to file final billing invoices for completed jobs, jobs in bidding and jobs waiting on a PO. This is crucial for Ideal Contracting to keep track of jobs that are completed or in the process of being completed so payments are collected accordingly. Also, I was able to log the man hours for completed work on the VEC 2nd floor construction with regards to straight time and overtime. This is important because logging hours can often be over accounted for when construction takes place and this step confirms that the man hours are within the range of what was originally stated during the construction process. One highlight of my second week was having the opportunity to visit the 2nd floor of the VEC building and view the extensive construction that has taken place within this executive wing. During this visit the Ideal team sat down for meeting in the conference room to go over installation of a new window film that is going to cover all windows in the main conference room within the 2nd floor executive wing. Smart Tint, which is the window film that will be installed, allows for an electromagnetic charge to be sent through the film which can instantly frost the windows within seconds with just a flick of a switch. This tint will add privacy during meetings that will take place in this conference room. Lastly, the week ended with the main intern orientation that took place in Detroit.  It was awesome to go down to Ideal’s headquarters and meet my fellow interns that are working with Ideal Contracting this summer. Ideal Contracting is such a family oriented company and its great to know that everyone part of the Ideal team is willing to help us interns become work ready for future years to come.

During the main orientation on Friday, all the interns were able to meet each other and bond throughout the day during an adventurous scavenger hunt, which took us all over the downtown area of Detroit and we were able to see amazing landmarks which make the city so unique and prestigious. The photos shown below were taken of my team and show the proof that we had to provide in order to complete certain tasks during the scavenger hunt.



This day was an awesome way to conclude the week and meet other employees at Ideal Contracting and network with my fellow interns. I would also like to thank Ideal Contracting for a great lunch at the Hard Rock Café.


This has been another great week interning with Ideal Contracting and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that I will encounter in the weeks to come.



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