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Caleb Mitchum- Milford Proving Grounds

I am now finishing up my second week at Milford Proving Grounds. My assigned project is building 16. The first week consisted of an informative overview of Milford Proving Grounds and the current office renovations taking place in building 16. After becoming safety oriented, I was able to walk the site and catch up on the current schedule of the project. The team here at Milford is great. James, Alex, and Pat specifically have all been a huge help.

In only two weeks, I feel that I already have valuable experience under my belt to better prepare me for my future in the construction industry. I’ve now been able to sit in on two owner’s meetings while being able to make changes for the meeting minutes for the following week. Experiencing the owner, architect, GC, and sub-contractors all working as one was very insightful. I’ve been getting more acclimated with the programs the PE works with every day such as blue beam and contract management. I’ve been gaining experience working with submittals, daily reports, SOP cards, labor tracking, and a monthly report. On Wednesday, I was able to sit in on the weekly PDPM meeting and see how things operate on that side of MPG opposed to a hard dollar job.

The progress on building 16 has been moving along nicely. We are in the midst of phase 2. This week all the ceiling grid will be hung and the bathroom mill work will be completed. The first coat of paint/prime and rough BMS controls will also be finished. I would post pictures of the progress, but am unable to due to GM photography restrictions.

Yesterday my fellow interns and I had the opportunity to visit the DEEC. It was very cool to see the progress made by Ideal and other contractors on such a large scale project. I believe it was said that there were 1300 workers on site per day and 40+ million dollars in construction a month. Attached are a few photos I took:

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