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Week 12 – PDPM MPG – Michael Penland

Good Morning,

This past week was an eventful week for myself. On Tuesday the Milford site had a safety luncheon where we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Adam Klebba, Andrew Milkey and myself manned the grills for the luncheon and also cleaned up afterwards. On Wednesday the interns held a group meeting to go over where we were on the community project and to answer any questions we had. After I meet with the other interns I went over to see Philip in the estimating department to have him show me how to use the estimate sheets he sent over to us. Philip taught me how to properly use the sheets and how to tell if you are missing money in the bid break down sheet. On Thursday Ed Behnke took me out to the field to help a crew set concrete structures for a new electrical line being installed. It was a great learning experience to be able to help set a structure into the ground and to make sure it was level. I Enjoy being able to get out in the field and working with the guys because it helps me understand the construction process better. I’m excited for the last two weeks of the build-u internship.

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