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Week 11 – MPG/ Iron workers Training Center – Michael Penland

This past Friday we visited the iron workers training center in Wixom. This was an exciting visit because we were able to create our very own book ends. The guys from the training center showed us how to properly turn on an acetylene  torch and cut steel. Each of us had the chance to practice cutting then when we felt comfortable we drew a design onto a steel plate and used the torch to cut it out. Once we had completed the cutting they took us over to the welding booths to weld our book ends together. I had cut out the letters M and P so now I just had to attach them to the metal base. I used some scrap metal to practice running some beads before welding my final book ends. When i first started practicing I was using a 7024 rod but changed over to the 7018 rod for my book end because they give a better look bead. It was a great learning experience being able to weld and be taught to weld for the day. I enjoy hands on activities so this field trip was perfect for me. The Iron workers were friendly and willing to help all of us complete our project. We also had the chance to grind our book ends to get the rough edges smoothed out.

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