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Week 9 & 10 – MPG/ U of M – Michael Penland

Good morning,

Last Friday (7/13) the interns went down to Scarcyny Park and Garden to do a walk through. Linda Rhodes walked us all through the changes she wants to see happen at the park and garden. After the meeting we divided into teams to complete the project. I was placed with Jacob Rhodes and we will be doing the estimating for the work that needs to be completed at the park, which includes a new steel canopy. This project will be a great team building exercise as well as giving us real world experience in running a project because we are doing the design, estimation, scheduling and safety for the project.

This past Monday (7/16) I visited the U of M steel project that Miranda is on and Andrew also visited the site Monday. Miranda showed us around the project and explained what the Ideal Steel workers had been doing on the project. She talked to us about moment connections and how to identify them. After we toured the LSA building she took us over to the student union to show us the next project they will be working on after they finish the steel work at LSA. She told us about the canopy that will be built in the courtyard of the student union and how they were going to lift the steel into the courtyard. I hadn’t been able to see any steel work being done yet this summer until I went to U of M project and I really enjoyed seeing a new side of construction.



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