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Week 7 – MPG PDPM – Michael Penland


This past week I was able to get out in the field at Milford and work with some of the guys. On Friday (6/29) I went out to our expansion of Lot A project to shoot grade with the guys. They were in the process of cutting grade so I was able to see how they check each elevation point that is called out on the drawings. Shutdown also starts this coming week so we have been preparing all week. A meeting was held Friday morning to go over all the project that had to be completed during shutdown and which ones can wait til later. A calendar was made to show what work will be done on each day of shutdown. This is a very useful tool because it allows us to all be on the same page and understand what jobs have to be worked on, on that particular day. I’m ready to experience my first shutdown week to see what it is really to work during shutdown week.

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