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Week 6 – PDPM MPG – Michael Penland


This Thursday (6/21) was the Operators Union training center visit. It was a great experience to be able to go and learn about the Operators Union. We were able to hear about the process of applying and becoming an apprentice operator. A quick overview of the site was given to all of us who attended then we loaded onto a bus for the site tour. The local fire departments also use the training center to practice different types of rescues. A group of firefighters were out at the site simulating a rescue on a collapsed parking structure. After the tour ended we had the chance to get into an excavator and run it for a few minutes. I had never had the opportunity to run an excavator before so this was extremely exciting. The hardest part was trying to remember the controls. I want to thank the guys from the Operators Union for allowing us to come out to the site and see what they do and how they benefit not only the operators but everyone in the construction industry. I also want to thank John Clawson and Adam Klebba for helping to set this field trip up for all the interns.

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