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Week 4 – MPG PDPM – Michael Penland


This week I have been helping put the estimate together for the B-40 transformation phase II project. This project involves self perform carpentry work so Mike Durnell help determine the labor and material prices. The other project that I have helped with the estimate was the Lot A Expansion project. On Lot A the superintendent Ed helped determine the labor and equipment needs for the project. I have been enjoying learning how to put an estimate together and all the team work that goes into an estimate.
I was able to go see the progress made on the B-94 Steam Line replacement yesterday (6/7). The crew working on it has done a great job so far. They have the trench dug down to grade and are almost to the first steam vault that they will need to tie into. The work out here is starting to ramp up so I’m able to see some more projects.
I also learned to use the plotter out at Milford to print plans off for the superintendents and other members of the Ideal team. I do not have a pic pass yet but am working on getting pictures of the projects from people who have pic passes to add to my blog.

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