Week 10- Toyota Calty- Kinzie Baad

I am still learning every day and growing here at Toyota Calty Project. We have been coming down to the end here with the project so it has sure been stressful with everyone. Derek has had his hands full with trying to make sure everything is still on schedule and getting done. I have been following around John Suiter, head superintendent, and hes has been making sure to show me around the site and answer all questions I have. I have been running POD (plan of the day) meetings every day for a few weeks now and that really helps me see what is going on around the site. From running that, I am able to hear where all the subcontractors are in the project, what they still need to accomplish, and hear the problem that have occurred. Hearing the problems that occur help me see the real picture with construction. I always knew construction would never go according to plan and problems will arise, but I never knew what could actually occur since I had never been around a job site or anything construction for that matter. I just am enjoying that fact I am getting to see the real life problems in this industry rather that just learning it on paper and being thrown into it after graduation.

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