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Weeks 1-4 — GTC PDPM- Joshua Smith

The first month of my Ideal internship has helped open my eyes to the vastness of the construction industry. The processes and varying jobs that Ideal can complete for their customers is impressive.  I have been able to visit a handful of hard dollar jobs, but I spend most of my time at the Global Tech Center (GM). There I have had the opportunity to see jobs through from start to finish. I have personally helped with orientations, morning huddles, safety observation tours, collecting subcontractors’ deliverables, creating FMEA’s, and daily walk-throughs. However, being a part of some of the pre-bid walk-throughs and sitting in on kickoff meetings has given me a better understanding of how much safety is involved in Ideal projects.

This experience has been made great so far because of the mentors who have taken me under their wing. Not only has the safety team made great strides to help me learn, but superintendents have taken the time out of their day to show me projects from their perspective. I am excited for the rest of the summer here at Ideal!

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