Week 8-MPG/GM shut down-Trevor Tank

Hello all,

I am beyond the half way point of this internship and wow have things picked up. The team over at the Milford Proving Grounds have been working tirelessly in order to prepare for the shutdown over the 4th of July. The main focus has been the steam pipe replacement. Approximately 800′ of steam and condensate line were installedin a short eight day schedule. All of the necessary excavation and prep work was done in advance, but as soon as the steam was shut down work inside of the vaults began. The project was running smoothly until a monster storm came through right as our mechanical subcontractors were changing shifts. An unpredictable occurrence and one minor mistake lead to an emergency pipe cleaning operation. The Ideal team developed a plan, gathered man power, and by 6am the next morning we were cleaning pipes and leaving them better than when we had found them. The steam system is now up and running and the difficult part of the project is behind us.

In addition to the GM shutdown, I was put on a small job for DTE. This project was a basic propane tank relocate. We excavated for new propane and electrical lines, poured new equipment pads, and set bollards. The project took our crew four days to successfully complete.

Overall, everything is going well and I am enjoying my time here!

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