Weeks 1,2,3-MPG-Trevor Tank

Hello all,

The third week of the BuildU summer internship is underway. All of the interns have had the opportunity to meet and socialize with each other over a competitive game of bowling. It is interesting to meet other interns that come in from different schools all over the state and hear each unique story about what led us into the construction field.

I am working out at the GM Proving Ground in Milford as part of the PDPM program. Our team is made up of Paul Blanchett (Senior PM), John Clawson (PM), Steve Webster (PM), Mike Durnell (General Super), and Andrew Milkey (PE). This is a great group of guys that can get some serious work done, but also have fun doing it. I’ve been following several projects as they cycle through the process that is laid out for this specific PDPM layout. Gathering requests, developing estimates, and organizing files have been my responsibilities thus far.

As the weeks continue to progress, I will be exposed to more construction activities and continue to grown as an intern here at Ideal.

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