August 2019 Ideal Contracting -Thomson Scaria

Intern Shadowing – Stephen McGregor

I had the chance to head to Detroit at the home office and witness a little bit of what Stephen does day to day. He is from the Ideal Steel and showed me the process of estimating. First, he gets the contractor bid with the details of the job and the drawing from the customer. With that drawing, he uses the program FabSuite and reconstruct that drawing on the program. Once the drawing on FabSuite is complete, he checks the report for pricing on each part of the drawing. After that, he writes a proposal to the customer with clarifications and exclusion on the project. Finally, he sends the bid to the customer and hope the customer takes the bid. It was great seeing something brand new on Ideal Steel side of the business.

Executive Interview:

I had the pleasure to interview Loren Venegas, who is the president of the Ideal Group and ask him a few questions about his role in the company. Before he was president, he ran a group of Fine Dining restaurants across the nation. Then his brother, Frank Venegas ask him to join the Ideal Shield and in 2002, he was appointed as President of Ideal Contracting. His main role as president is to manage the general operation of the company by discussing with all the vice presidents and leadership of the different groups about how things are coming along. He told me that his main challenges of the job are to make sure to spends enough time with everyone in the company, focusing on safety, and working with the customer. Lastly, I asked him what drives him to wake up every morning to come to work, and he said is was the people in this company that drives him to come to work and perform his best.

In Conclusion:

As this internship comes to a close, I looked back on all the amazing opportunities that Ideal has provide me this summer. Being completely new to construction, I learn the importance of working together with everyone at Ideal and subcontractors to provide the best service to the customer.  I had the chance to meet with all kind of tradespeople and learn from these incredible men/women about the different part of construction process. I loved going to the training facilities this summer and learn what carpenters, operators, and iron workers go through. I had the chance to visit over multiple sites across the southeast Michigan and learning something new on each site. Working with my mentors and management and appreciating the professional advice given to me during these months. Lastly, getting to spent time with all the interns and learning from each other. I had a wonderful internship this summer and like to thank Ideal for having me being part of your team.

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