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June 2019 Milford Proving Ground / U of M -Thomson Scaria

This week at Milford I went back on the roofing job and met Roger who is a sub-contractor from Royal Roofing Company. He showed me a new type of fall protection called the raptor. The Raptor is a mobile fall protection cart that is used as a multi-person anchorage point and it can hook up to 5 workers on the cart for roofing jobs. It has fall arrest system which stop a person during free fall and fall restraint system which stop a person from the edge of a building. It works by having a curved metal spike in the center of the cart that will dig into the roofing if the worker suddenly falls off the edge.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1X1fsu2nsg

My mentor quiz me on leading edge distances when working on roofs which is 15ft for general worker, 10ft for mobile equipment, and 6ft for roofers. (1926.501(b)(2)(i) ) I was able to go to a site at University of Michigan and it was a hard dollar job. It was a very busy site and I saw a bunch on things such as crane use, steel beam erection, welding and saw a type of temporary railing called a parapet clamp for roofing. Lastly, I wrote up a Job Safety Analysis with the help from Tracy (Milford Safety Rep) on a concrete job that is happen in the next few weeks. I broken down the job task and identify hazards for each one such a silica exposure and struck by from heavy mobile equipment. He showed me where to send it and where it needs to go to get it approve before the job starts.

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