2019, Build U, Steel

June 2019- Estimating/PM-Stephen McGregor

This month has been very busy for me, I’ve continued to bid my own jobs and I have learned even more about the estimating side of this business. I have also been introduced to the project management side of things when one of my own bids was awarded. This job is a small project with 4 individual landing platforms. Through this I get to see how a job goes from a bid to being erected. Currently I am helping with directing the PO inside of Fabsuite so that we can begin to fabricate the platforms. Secondly, Michael and I found time to spend a day at the Milford Proving Grounds which was a very cool experience. We managed to go during GM’s shutdown so we were able to see a good amount of work being done. This was a good experience for me, because so far I haven’t had much time on project sites. This internship has been great so far and I am looking forward to learning more before the end of summer.

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