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Meet Jon Anglin: Paulina Torres

Jon Anglin: Safety Director

Jon Anglin is the Safety Director at Ideal Contracting. He has been with Ideal for 10 years now, since 2006. Jon started off working with environmental, followed by demolition, and worked his way through the construction industry. Jon joined the construction industry because he witnessed many accidents while working in environmental and demolition that it became a passion for him to look after the safety of people. The safety department gives Jon the opportunity to help people, learn from accidents, and advocate safety.

Some of the responsibilities that Jon has as Safety Director are site inspections, site auditing, train people for safety positions, oversee the safety of all field personnel, communicate incidents and among others. The most challenging part of Jon’s position is people. He explains that there are different learners, and he sometimes encounters stubborn people. There are different types of injuries that can be reported. Those injuries include near misses, property damage, First Aid, or recordable. The most common injury that occurs out on a job site is bruising or pulling a muscle: soft tissue injuries. People who do not warm up properly are more likely to pull a muscle or a tendon. Jon strongly emphasizes that for this reason, Ideal Contracting has the Stretch & Flex Program that is performed on every job site first thing in the morning.

Aside from working with Contracting, Jon also works with Shield and Setech. Jon explains that he sees a couple of differences working within the different companies at Ideal. Contracting has a full safety program. Contracting is mainly in their costumer’s site and not the other way around. For this reason, safety requires much higher communication and he explains Contracting as having the most eyes watching over them. On the other side, Shield is Ideal’s own facility. Ideal Shield makes parking blocks, bollard covers, and steel fabrication. They still have a good safety program, but the work environment is much different than Contracting’s. Jon explains that their safety program is more internal. If someone were to get injured, it is not likely for them to let everyone of their customers know about the injury. Whereas with Ideal Contracting, if someone were to get injured at the Warren Tech Center, Contracting would have to notify the customer and everyone else affiliated.

Jon is involved with the winter and summer Incentive Program. This program is a great way for families to demonstrate their safe practices at home, and teach people about them. Family involvement is what Jon likes the most about the Incentive Program. On his free time, Jon enjoys to spend time in the water: swimming, jet-skiing, tubing, work on his home, cook and he likes to drive.

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