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Steven Sinn: Week 9 Nick Luxon, and Riley Norman

This week was an exciting week! I was able to see what a day in the life of a VP is like and another Intern. I first started off at Milford Proving Grounds on Wednesday with Riley There is quite a bit going on  out at Milford all the way from PDPM and Hard Dollar, and some pretty cool bridge renovations. After some work in the office with Riley was cut short due to server issues, Steve Webster,and Riley took me out on a tour of the site. We went to check out the bridge renovation where they are replacing the deck, then the tour continued where we had seen GM testing some cars with spin outs and dead stops of a wet surface. After the tour Riley, Drew Rodriguez, Nicole, and I went to lunch in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is a pretty cool place almost like a college cafeteria. Then to conclude my day I was able to sit in on the weekly PDPM meeting with the Milford group and see the progress of the other projects. Again I would like to thank Steve Webster and Riley Norman for letting me come and visit for a day.

Then the week continues on Thursday with another exciting shadow day with Nick Luxon our VP of Construction Operations. Nick has quite the schedule, with it being more than full on a daily basis. The day starts of with Nick letting me sit in on a couple forecast meetings. It was a great experience being able to sit down with Julie Pilarski, Nick, Mark McCrindle, and Travis and see the progress that Flint has made. Then we attended another forecast meeting but was cut short. Then Nick and I sat down and went over his slides for the presentation that he gave at the staff meeting. I would like to thank Nick for squeezing my shadow into a tight scheduled day.

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