2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Dylan Yore – -WTC Week 10

This week was mixed with lots of meetings, hands on work, and some estimating. We had our typical meetings but one in particular was pretty funny. My best friend’s father works for GM and I knew that. Although I never knew he worked at the Tech center or that he was involved with GM’s construction. I went into a pre-bid walk through with Ideal’s team an the subcontractors only to find out that my buddies dad is the GM rep for this job!
Putting meetings aside, I hit the field as much as I could too! I went to all of the jobs Gus is affiliated with at least once. GM likes to have progress photos on hand to track the work that is getting done. So, I provided our reps with their photos and more. Today I placed a concrete sidewalk for the entrance of the Cadillac building. As the boys raked the mud into place i hammered the dowels into the fresh slab and bent them. It was face paced and hard work but looking at a smooth finished beautiful product at the end always feels rewarding!

Here are some photos of the sidewalk we placed today. All three show a finisher finessing!

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