2016, Barton Malow, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Week 11: Paulina Torres

Earlier this week, I attended our weekly Monday meetings. We had a very positive shutdown, and things are back to normal now. This week I learned how to request quotes, one for an ice machine and water filter, and the other for metal casework needed for the Asset Sustainment project. I was able to successfully purchase the ice machine and water filter, and am currently waiting on a quote on the metal casework for both the steam and chiller plant. I found the process to be easy.

Yesterday we had a safety/retirement luncheon. The safety side of the luncheon was to celebrate the 4,000 safe work hours that the AVI shop has accomplished, and the 41,000 safe work hours from the Asset Sustainment. Mike Pressley is retiring this Friday, and we wanted to celebrate him for all his hard-work and contributions to Ideal Contracting. It was a pleasure getting to meet Mikey and I hope that he enjoys retirement. We will be excavating and taking out an old diesel generator tank by the steam plant. A gentleman came out today and I saw him perform GPR. Now that the underground utilities have been identified, our next step is to finalize our excavation permit and get pull this tank out. The steam break room renovations is coming along pretty good. 21st Century is currently demoing the place.

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