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Tony’s 9th Week

This mid-July week was one of the busier ones for certain.

During the beginning of the week, I assisted Virg in hunting down all the people who were missing Home Depot receipts. It is imperative that all employees with a Home Depot credit card turn in all of their receipts on time so that the purchasing can document all the transactions online for our reference. If Home Depot, and really any receipts for that matter, do not get turned in on time, then that can look really bad on the company come time to audit. Remember: General Motors is watching!

Speaking of audit, I had the opportunity to sit down with Alexandria to go through what a PDPM audit is like.  It taught me the importance of a PO, and not going over the PO dollar amount, which is basically an estimation or budget established by the estimating department on every job. I am extremely happy that I had this session with Alex because it taught me why the work of the accounting and purchasing departments here are so vital.

During the past two summers, I worked closely with Patti in PDPM audits. She is super meticulous and writes everything down; two things you look for in a good accountant. At the time, I was young and had very little knowledge on accounting, but Patti taught me some basics on how to successfully bill a job. However, due to my ignorance, I had not yet had a full grasp on why Patti taught me some of the things she does. I wasn’t completely clueless, but I realized I still had a lot to learn.

The auditing segment helped everything make more sense to me. In the past, I understood the what and how of accounting and purchasing, but listening to Alex explain the basics of auditing helped me understand more of the why.  There is still much for me to be learned, but this definitely helped me move forward. Plans for the next few weeks include having me dive in and audit a few PDPM jobs so I can get my feet wet. I really look forward to these days. Special thanks to Alex for taking time out of her day to teach me these basics!

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