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Good Week with Ideal

As another exciting week at Ideal flies by and I look back at the events that transpired this week I realize that our team did an excellent job diffusing a tricky situation. This week there was a simple safety altercation that got blown out of proportion because of miscommunication. As a team this cost us many meetings and therefore a loss of time in order to ease the tension and get the guys back to work. Although the outcome was not exactly what we wanted, the project continues to move on at an above average pace. I learned the importance of staying calm even if you may happen to get upset; being irrational is not Ideal.
Aside from this safety issue, I received a  visit from two fellow interns this week, Paulina and Chris. Paulina came out for a few hours on Tuesday to interview/field trip with Jon Anglin. I enjoyed touring the site with them and hope they enjoyed it equally as much. Chris came out for the whole day on Wednesday to watch the process of an AHU being lifted into place on the building. Chris and I had some good conversation about our sites and I hope to find a way on his Milford site soon!

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